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Downloading Video From Hd Camcorder Direct To Hard Drive?



Just switched to Mac Pro with mountain Lion from Windows Vista, where I used Roxio Creator 2012. I was able to capture video from various devices using Creator and save onto computer, then convert (also saving output onto hard drive). I did not Have to burn a disc during the process. I accumulate video and music over a couple months and build a video from various clips during that time....does Toast 11 have the option to save to hard drive, or can I only burn to disc's. if burning is only option, can a different product be suggested for my needs. thanks

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Sounds to me like you should just import to iMovie.


Toast has an AVCHD Archive feature. It also provides the option to Save as Disc Image which writes to the hard drive of your choice. I don't have an HD camcorder but I think that combination will work for you. I believe Roxio still has their refund policy providing a time when you can try out Toast and request a refund if it doesn't meet your needs.

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Question & Comments both.


Comment to original poster:

This topic is over a month old, but you can COPY footage from camera to your hard drive with a simple drag & drop.

I have several quasi-archives off the camera HD this way (the drag & drop). Not perfect however, as my question below explains with MY issue with doing this.


Save as disk Image sounds like a more solid plan. However, I've not tried this to see what access issues there may be.

Depending upon what you are using to access & burn that footage - whether this is useful to you is uncertain.


Using Final Cut 4 (pro or Express) you can pull & use the AVCHD footage from that "archive" with a LOG & TRANSFER process, which pulls it into your existing Final Cut project.

The more recent Final Cut X will read AVCHD directly (I believe). There is a knowledgebase article on exporting footage - which likely would not be as compact as an AVCDH format.


Whether iMovie works with AVCHD files in the latest version - I believe so, but I can't say for certain as I haven't used it in some time & very sporadically

as I prefer to work in Premiere or better still, Final Cut.


Now My Issue:

I am seeking to archive AVCHD footage to DVD using the AVCHD function in Toast 11.

My camera failed to be immediately recognized. NOW RECTIFIED.


Needed to clear the 30 GB hard drive in camera for another quick project - so I copied the files to a hard drive folder using drag & drop.

Now I'm to the point of archiving these files to DVD as "raw" footage for re-use.


Toast crashes when I try to create an archive from those files. I've since tried to pull directed from the camera & it STILL crashes.

Anyone have suggestions or experience with this?

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