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Roxio Creator Nxt Create Dvd And Convert Video


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Very frustrated, Just brought Roxio NXT today expecting a better job than they did in buggy 2012, and already may have to return for refund. How did this even pass QC. See issues below:


Roxio Creator NXT, create DVD, My DVD, drops audio when converting automatically .M2T AVCHD video file to a MPEG2 file in order to create the DVD. It did it on with 2012 and now with the new version. It is not my system. I create MPEG2 file with Sony movie studio 11 and the sound is fine, the quatlity is just low.


Secondly, Copy and convert Video, when I try to convert the .M2T AVCHD video file using the video format option at the highest quality, the conversion starts, the statu window comes up, but absolutley no movement occurs, the bar and % never move, even after 1 hr. I had to cancel, and it just stayed there, I eventually had to end task to make it stop and go away. It did this in 2012 also. All the time.


NXT has little to nothing that was fixed from 2012, it is the same buggy software wrapped with a new name and a few other features. HOW ABOUT MAKE THE CORE PRODUCTS WORK FIRST. This is unbelivable. The only way I don't get a refund asap, is if Roxio support has a immideate update or Patch to fix these issues. Like I mentioned, all of this works in Sony Movie Studio and DVD architect. THESE ARE ROXIO CREATOR ISSUES, that support won't fix. WHY?

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