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Anyone Can Help Me Please?



My computer got hardrive error and everything is gone. I used to have the ISO file copied onto my drive but that was gone too.

I only have a picture of my CD, cause I went back to China from Canada in June, and CD is left in Canada.

I downloaded the 1.25 GB version of Roxio Game Capture software, but apparently it's not for pro(or any other reasons), that my Serial Number simply doesn't work(mine start with KL-).

So can anyone just send the ISO to me? Or a link please?

Then I will make it available all time with my BOX/DROPBOX cloud online.

I thought I can get it from Roxio, but apparently that against Roxio's policy: no digital in Stone age.


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Guest Rox-Ralf

I will keep an eye my inbox.

Thanks for your help :)

I will be helping around in the community :)


Please check you inbox. :)

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THAT would not be a problem ;)


I think that Steve's concern was that DropBox can be used to distribute things to others, which would be illegal :o


Since that is Not your intent, not a problem :D


Yea not gonna make the file public and get arrested :)


So what about my original problem? can you help me with it? Is there anything I need to provide to prove I bought it legally?


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