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Gchdp A Joke?



I finally decided to get on the Roxio forums and ask if anyone else has had massive problems with this device. I traded a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle for the HD Pro. I use AMD products so the Intensity didn't work will with my PC, besides having to have a huge SSD RAID in order to capture 1080p (the device doesnt have onboard hardware compression). Anyway, so I've had the HD Pro for a while and I've had nothing but issues. Issues to the point of where I stopped using it for a LONG time. I decided to give it another crack after upgrading my PC a bit with an 8150, SSD, 7970 and 8 more gigs of ram. My PC far surpasses the minimum requirements for using this device but even still, this little thing kicks me in the face. The software is a complete nightmare. It rarely works at all. The software crashes more than half the time, the quality of the pass through is pretty horrid and to say the least... nothing really seems to work.


Now I know some of you folks are able to run this without an issue. Maybe I'm missing something?



PC Specs :


FX 8150 4.1 ghz

16 GB DDR3 1600

256GB Vector 4 SSD

1.5 TB Capture Drive

1.5 TB Spare Drive

AMD 990FX Chipset

Windows 8 Pro



PS3 set at 1080i


The software runs like crap. It takes a while to load fully and when it does it rarely works or just locks up and I have to reboot. I even tried a fresh install of Win 7 and Win 8. I've tried my intel based laptop with an i5 and 8 gigs of ram as well. Nothing works. I remember back in the late 90s early 2000s when Roxio was go to for my Macintosh software, so I trusted the brand.


Any suggestions besides buying a different capture device?

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... so you have had TWO capture devices that don't run on your PC???


But you think there is something wrong with the devices or the software :huh:


How do you really think buying a 3rd device will work out for you?


You left out your video card info from you list and Roxio relies heavily on the built in features of the card. Since the rest is top notch, I will assume you didn't scrimp there ;)


You mentioned a fresh install of your OS's... Are you running everything Stock? - no overclocking? - no tweaking the GPU?


If you open the Editor does it perform OK with a clip added to it?

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