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Slow Video Disc Burn



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I never had this problem, My burning to video works like a slow snail. Absolutely slow. Regular DVD or HD AVCHD, it is just slow. Seconds by seconds. Had this 2012 pro since December 2011. Never had this problem. Help.: wendowen


Define "absolutely slow"? What do you mean by "seconds by seconds"? You will have to give a lot more information.

Are you talking about the actual burning or the rendering process?

What has changed in your system since you imply that this is new.


What are your system specs? How much free space on your hard drive? Defragged the hard drive lately? Any other processes running?

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Thanks for your reply.

It is the rendering that is SLOW. It took me 5 hour to render 17 minutes of video . The burning was normal.

Computer is 1 year old with window 7, Hard drive is 1.8TB Ram is 8.00GB.


Sorry not a computer guy.




Post the dxdiag.exe like this post says. http://forums.suppor...rivers-windows/


Post the zipped .exe the same as a .jpg image. http://forums.suppor...n-cap-on-roxio/

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