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Mpeg File Size 20 Times Bigger When Added To Toast



Hi guys..here are the steps I have taken..any advice would be most helpful.


I had a MPEG file sized 352X480 that I wanted to change to 720x480.


So I used MPEG Streamclip to convert the footage to an mp4 sized 720x480 at 2.91 GB

Then I used the program VisualHub Lion to convert it back to an MPEG and its now 2.67 GB.


But when I add it to Toast to burn it as part of a Blu-ray video compilation I'm making and set the quality setting to "Custom",

the size reads 73.80 GBs. Even at the Best quality setting it only drops down to 16.99 GBs.


So can someone tell me what it is that the reading is showing so high? Is there a setting that needs to be changed?

The Codecs reading is MPEG-2 Video, MPEG Layer 3.


The weird thing is that if you combine the video in MPEG Streamclip with another video and add it to Toast, the size goes back to normal.

Also I tried another burn program out of curiosity to see what the size f the file is and its much more comporable which makes me think there is a setting in Toast I need to change. I;ve only ever had this problem when creating the file through VisualHub.


Any suggestions would be great.

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I would have added the MPEG 4 to Toast rather than converting it back to MPEG 2 using VisualHub. I'd also do a test with a short clip and choose Save as Disc Image. Then choose Mount Image File from the Utilities menu and view the result using Roxio Video Player from the Extras menu. That way you can be sure it appears as intended.

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