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Audio/video Rendering Problems



Hey all,


I have this gameplay I have editted and all. The audio is synced in videowave, and it's only 51 minutes. After rendering it in "Same as original" setting, it comes out to be an hour and forty three minutes, and the audio isn't synced. I've rendered many videos before without issue, but this one just isn't working after multiple tries. Any help would be appreciated.

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Yes there are actually 3 files is there OR 2 Splits of the COD Zombies Mob Pt 1. (can't read the middle one)


And I can see that the file with the Details is double that.


HOWEVER, nothing tells me that that is the actual file that was output from that specific Project :glare:


Make absolutely sure that you are looking at the file that is from the current output path ;)


Of course there would not be a "fix" as you are the only person in the world that has had this problem and VideoWave has been out for 9 years now :huh:

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