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90 Min Audio Discs



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I need to set up 90 min tape burn, the Roxio cuts disc length at 60 min. What do I do?


You mean a 90 minute audio CD?


Your burner, software , and CD media have to support it.


Roxio software doesn't support it.


Does your burner?


Do you have 90 minute CD media?


90 minute = 800MB CD's.

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Thanks for your prompt response. My problem is I'm attempting to convert my cassette library to computer, and many of them are 90 min cassettes, so I purchased a box of 90-min discs.


I would forget trying to burn 90 minute CD's and stick to 80 minute.


Most players won't even play the 90 minute CD even if you get them made.

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Are there other options? I tried using ITunes, which has been burning my 60-min discs. Then yesterday purchased Roxio, which I figured was a lock to provide 90-min option.


74 minute old standard and 80 minute new standard.


Split the tape to two 45 minute disc's.

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Compression means nothing on an Audio CD because the data is a fixed format: 44,100 samples per second, 2 channels, 16 bit samples (176,400 bytes per second). You can't compress it, unless you actually shorten the playing time. If you need to make an Audio CD (as opposed to an "MP3 CD", which is a data disc filled with MP3 files) then you really are better off splitting your 90 minutes into two 45 minute discs.

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