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Photoshow 5 Problems



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Thanks so much!

Okay . . .

  • checked again I do have explorer 9
  • yes I got an error message at the time but that was some time ago and I don't remember what it was and have not seen it again
  • It seems to process but it just never goes through, it also takes a long time even for a very short show
  • No, my membership has not expired, it is current
  • No it happened a couple of months ago, and I called, emailed, etc to Corel only to find that they provide no support. So now I thought I would once again work on get it resolved
  • I did not try to restore my computer, don't remember exactly when it happened
  • The show was just pictures, no video, used their music, pictures were stored on my hard drive
  • I think that I originally downloaded Photshow 5 because I know that I did not get a disk. I see photoshow 5 setup in my downloads.

Now . . .

  • I did download from the members page version 6
  • I made a show from 6 and it uploaded fine
  • I made a short show using verion 5 and it also uploaded fine

It seems to be working now . . . we will see when I try to make a larger show, or one with video.

Do you know how I can contact Corel and get someone that can assist with problems, since I am still a active member? Do they provide support to their membership?

Thanks again for your help! Peace!

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By the way I don't like Photoshow version 6 as well as I liked Photoshow version 5.


So V5 works? Great. Make sure you save a copy of that exe file on a DVD or external drive.


I didn't think you would ! :unsure:


I'm not sure who provides Technical Support. All the people I worked with are no longer there. Unfortunately, you may have to pay for support. In the future, consider using something like YouTube to post your videos if they are 10-15 minutes long. You can make them private. Fo the time being, you can use both on-line services. Before you renew, think hard about what you are getting with both.

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I have photoshow 5 loaded on my desktop and I loved it. Recently it stopped working. I can make a show but I can not upload it to my online account or email it or burn it to a DVD. Help!


Are you using Windows or IOS (Apple)? If Windows, did you go from one version to a newer one?


Many people had issues with audio and other problems when Microsoft uploaded IE 10 as a upgrade. Did you do that? If so, go to Add/Remove programs , show updates and remove IE 10. It should revert to IE 9. Go to Microsoft and get directions from them if you have an issue.


Note: I just made and uploaded a short PhotoSHow using V5.04 Build 3034 and it uploaded quickly and played well. I do not have IE10.


What other changes have you made to your computer?

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How can I get another photoshow 5? I paid for it and downloaded it from online. I did not receive a disk. How can I get it again?


You can't. It is obsolete. If you have a premium membership, then you can get V6. You may not like that version but it is the only one available.


What about your problem? Did you try what I said?

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I have intrnet explorer 9. No I had not made any changes to my computer. I can make a show but it will not upload to my online account.


I'm sure you checked but did you double check. Since I was able to make and upload a PhotoShow using V5, there seems not to be an issue with the upload engine. So that perhaps points to something with your computer and/or internet. Are you getting any error messages? Exactly what are you getting? Has your premium membership expired? Did this just happen? Can you restore your computer to just before this problem showed up?


Tell us about the slide show you are trying to upload. Are there only images or video and images? Are the images stored on your hard drive or elsewhere? There are about a hundred other questions I can ask but the responses still may not point to the problem. Please provide a step by step process you are using.. Images of error message screen and key steps in the process would be a fantastic help in diagnosing the issue.


Did you originally download V5 to your computer and install it? Can you find the download? V5 was available on the member's page until about 6 months ago.


A suggestion. Download V6 from your members page (fresh) and make a short PhotoShow with that desktop version. Try uploading that to your members page. If it uploads, that may tell us that V5 is corrupt. You can try to contact Corel to see if they will send you a link to V5. Roxio/Corel took V5 off the members page about 6 or more months ago.

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