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Not Capturing All Of The Tape

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I believe I read somewhere that the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus software will automatically stop recording if there is a "blank spot" because it thinks this is the end of the tape. If this is correct how come this is not overridden when you put in a how long you want it to record(time)? This is causing problems since my video camera added "blackouts" and markers when it recorded and the software seems to think these are the end of the tape so I am getting 3 minutes here 17 minutes there and constantly having to set everything up multiple times for the same tape. The auto sensing feature in the software is a nice touch but the user should be able to turn it off with an override or if a time for record is selected then is should disable the feature. Is there any work around for this right now? I have about 135 tapes to do so right now this is not very user friendly for my situation.

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There is no way around it!


Oddly enough it seems to be Hardware related...


I have had 2 different USB Devices and Both do not stop when capturing and I have tried them on 3 different PC's :huh:


...and yet, I have heard of some who tried it with a different software and it worked :wacko:


Check your messages! (upper right)

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