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8004520C Error While  Encoding Movie 1

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I just purchased this product Creator NXT Pro and I'm getting this "8004520c Error while Encoding Movie 1"


error when trying to burn a DVD.


The photos are on my D: drive as are the video files. The video files are from my Sony HD AVCHD 120 GB CAMCORDER.


I have about 250 photos and about 6 videos from the camcorder that I am trying to add to the DVD. When I go to "burn" it, I get the "8004520c Error while Encoding Movie 1" message.


Any ideas?


Using Roxio Creator NXT Pro


Build: 140B36A, R14; 701B17A, R04

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That can be a tough one...


Are you burning as a DVD or an AVCHD on DVD? (doesn't matter, just curious ;) )


You can try burning to a File or Folder Set from MyDVD but it will likely end up the same.


Best Bet is to pre-process your camcorder files through VideoWave or Video Copy and Convert and output them into a file of equal quality but as an MP4 or MPEG HD...


Then use the new files in your project and see what happens.


Don't waste a lot of time making a perfect project, just slap them in - add some pics and keep it simple for a test!!!


If it work, then you can recreate your project with those files :P

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I am burning it as a DVD. I just tried using "Copy and Convert Video" to try and change the camcorder files to something other than AVCHD.

As a source I used my HDD where the videos are and as the output I selected DVD. This didn't work either.

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What are these files?


Video_ts.bup, ifo

VTS-01_0.bup, ifo,vob


Typical files found on a standard definition DVD but usually there are more bup and vob files if there is morr than perhaps a menu.

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