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Problem With Preview & Capture.



I just got my Roxio Capture Card HD Pro today, and when I started up the software and plugged it in to my laptop, it worked dandy. When I plugged it back in again, the preview screen turns black, but I can still hear the audio. I use an HDMI in (Xbox 360) to HDMI out / USB out. Whenever I capture, the preview screen is still black, but it records -- no problem. When I live stream on Twitch, the preview screen restores to normal, but when I end it, it turns black again.

There's nothing wrong with my HDMI cables nor the USB, but I can't find the solution.


Here's my laptop specs:



I have my Xbox 360 set to 720p, default settings.

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You have some serious user issues enabled on you PC.


UAC is on, Windows update to automatically download and update, and a few others this being a huge one.





AC Line:



Battery Charge %:

11 %


Battery State:



Remaining Battery Time:

0 : 15


Power Profile



Active power scheme:






Turn Off Monitor after: (On AC Power):

120 min


Turn Off Monitor after: (On Battery Power):

30 min


Turn Off Hard Disk after: (On AC Power):

20 min


Turn Off Hard Disk after: (On Battery Power):

10 min


Suspend after: (On AC Power):



Suspend after: (On Battery Power):

60 min


Screen saver:






Current Session



Current Time:

6/26/2013 9:58:47 PM


Current Uptime:

6,209 sec (0 d, 01 h, 43 m, 29 s)


Last Boot Time:

6/26/2013 8:15:18 PM



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