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Fixing Purple Preview Screen & Rendering Issues - Intel Issue



Hi all,


Just wanted to share my cure to what seems to be a very common problem.


1/ Purple coloured preview screen.


I had this issue just recently and for the life of me couldn't sort it. Well, just before i gave up on it i decided to do a couple of last ditch ideas to see if i could solve my annoying problems. Now there may be a perm fix but these will get your HD PRO working as it should.


Ok so first up i found that the Graphics card on my Toshiba laptop was an intel HD graphics and this is what was casuing the purple screen. So go into your device manager and disable it when you want to capture. You must re-enable it to render (Well on my laptop anyway)


2/ Rendering issue - I have no idea why this happens but my laptop would only render when i did this.


So on your screen as below - click to disable the graphics card when you want to render.





This should fix your issue as it did mine and i tried everything

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Also want to add if you have windows 8 get the 8.1 preview. I just installed it and it fixed the preview screen

That is a pre-release, ie: Beta!


NEVER a good idea to load these onto any system unless you really know what you are doing and don't mind formatting a drive to fix what it screws up :huh:

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