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What Does Save As Disk Image Mean In Relation To Dvd Burning?



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A disc image is a file that when "mounted" appears on the hard drive exactly the same as if you inserted a disc in the optical drive. Therefore, a video DVD disc image when mounted looks like a video DVD disc has been inserted. If your Mac is set to automatically launch DVD Player when a video DVD is inserted, it will launch when the disc image is mounted.


So that's one way to avoid having to take discs with you on a trip. Just take disc images and DVD Player sees and plays them including full DVD menu operation. Another benefit is it lets you preview a Toast-authored video DVD before committing to burning a disc. It also keeps the encoding and authoring process entirely separate in the workflow from the burning process. There are times when an optical drive will go to sleep while waiting for the encoding to be complete, and Toast fails to wake it back up.


Note that you need to mount the .toast disc image in one of three ways: 1) control click on it in the Finder and choose Mount It from the contextual menu, 2) select Mount Image File from the Toast Utilities menu; and 3) select it with one of the Image File settings in Toast such as in the Copy and Convert windows.

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So, Once the disk image is created I drag the disk image into toast than press the red burn button.

Switch to Toast's Copy window and choose Image File as the setting. Then drag in the .toast file. Now it's ready to burn to disc.

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