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Screen Says Finishing But It Never Finishes


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Hi...I just bought this program, and as a test I tried recording something on a DVD-R for 2 minutes. When the recording was done, the program shows "Finishing" and a revolving wheel. But it's been showing the "Finishing" label and wheel for several minutes. And when I try to close the program, I get the message "Cannot close until the recording action is stopped or finished". But it never finishes! I tried this twice with 2 different DVDs.


Also I noticed that when it is recording, the video showing pauses on the screen, even though I can see on the TV that the video is playing.

Thanks, Rich

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OK an update...I tried this again, but set the duration for an hour, and then I stopped recording after 2 minutes. The video this time didn't stop until I manually stopped the recording, and it said Finished for awhile, and then the DVD door opened and the program said it was done. And the recording was made. So I will try recording for an hour next time and let it finish on it's own, and see what happens, Thanks, Rich

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Well we know the 'program' works as intended, so we really need to be looking elsewhere...


FIRST, no one uses "Record DVD" ~ it is simply a short path to disaster :huh:


Use "Record Edit and Save" for all of your projects!!!


Also a rare few of the Capture USB devices are sensitive to breaks in the input... This is seen when you have a VHS Tape and there are spots of 'Snow' in them.


Your Media can play a role too!


Quality Media has a name like, like Verbatim (Singapore) and Taiyo Yuden (JVC)... If it doesn't say that, don't let it into your house :lol:


Always good to have disc or 2 of DVD RW on hand too. They are erasable (reuse) and great for trying things out, BUT NEVER use them for anything you consider important to you :huh: They Fail without warning ;)


If those things don't get you going, next post list your PC specs like I have in my name block.

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