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Roxio Game Capture Software Wont Install. Helps Asap.


I just recently bought The Roxio Game Capture and i tried installing it but it would ask me to pick a language and then a pop-up would come up. Look at the screen shot. Then a second one would pop up. Look at the screen shot. And then i click ok and it goes away. I tried this several times and it keeps on happening. I have Windows Vista. Please reply quickly.



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I dont know what the problem with the install is.. It could be that your computer is not good enough for the software, as the software requires a very good computer to run.. However you can use XSplit or Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder..


You can still use the Roxio Game Cap with other broadcasting/recording software.. I personally dont even USE the included software, I use the Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder or XSplit Broadcaster..


You can get both of these programs at the following sites..






Simply download and install these free programs, and your laptop will recognize the Roxio as a webcam.. You can stream remotely to USTREAM, Livestream, JustinTV, etc, and or record to your hard drive to upload to youtube later.


Hope this helps..

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