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Easy CD Creator 5 and Macs

Roger Harrison

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Apologies that this isn't strictly on-topic, but unfortunately I couldn't find anywhere else to place my post. Hopefully someone can help.


I own a G3 iMac dating from 2001. It has a 350 Mhz processor, 512 Mb RAM and is running OS9.2.2. It has no Firewire connection. As it only has a CD reader built-in, I have been looking without success for a compatible external CD writer which I could connect to it. However I have recently been given a Freecom Traveller FC-TRW-4420 (Art-Nr. 14452, Ser. Nr. 11145326) packaged in a Roxio box. It originally came bundled with Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum software which is no longer there but in any case was not Mac-compatible. I have connected it to my Mac and it is detected, but will require software to activate and work. Do you have/can you suggest any software that would be capable of connecting these two bits of hardware and enabling me to burn CDs with them?

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Hi Roger,


You missed the forum, only just.


If you go out to the main forum page and look just above the "Legacy products" forum where we are, you'll see a forum for Mac products.


I'm afraid I haven't a clue what Sonic/Roxio products are available for the Mac, but the good people in the Mac forums should be able and very willing to help you.


Go well.

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