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Only Records Buzzing Audio, No Game Audio.



Hello, I apologize if this has been answered. But I have looked 7 pages in on these forums and have seen no other issues like mine. My Roxio was working fine, but then all of the sudden it stopped working today. So I uninstalled and reinstalled as well as repaired based off advice I have seen in some of the threads I saw. But what happens is my Roxio only records a loud buzzing noise for both capturing and livestreaming. There is absolutely no game audio whatsoever. If anyone knows of, or thinks they know a solution feel free to let me know since nothing I've tried has worked. All I really need is the ability to record game audio, if the buzzing has to stay then so be it. I know I will probably be asked to post about my computer but I don't know what I'm supposed to put so I will just say I'm using an HP Pavillion g7 laptop and my Roxio is HDMI, not component. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

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