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Merge / Join VOB Files



Despite all my efforts could not find a simple and effective way to join or merge different VOB files, would appreciate any help. I managed to join several VOB with a small and free program, but then ECM 8 asks for associated IFO files. Anyone knows how to join IFO files? I am new to the video world.





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Hello Catherine19,

1. You are "necroposting", that is replying to a years old post.  The original poster hasn't been here since 2007.

2. The problem was solved simply, years ago.  No need for another solution.

3. You were advertizing a non-Roxio commercial product on the Roxio bulletin board.  This would get you removed from most other commercial boards.  Please don't do it again.


Edit:  The poster did it again on 9/3/20, so has been removed from this board.

Edited by Brendon
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