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Green Bar When Uploaded To Yt



I have read all of the other topics, but still havent fixed this issue, so here it goes.


So I use a Roxio HD Capture Card, as well as the video wave program that came with it to edit, and when I upload the video to YouTube I get an annoying green bar at the bottom of the video. Ive looked all over the web to try and find an answer but nothing yet.


1) There is NO green bar when Im capturing.

2) There is NO green bar when Im editing.

3) When I playback the video on my CPU there is NO green bar.

4) Green bar is only ever viewable on YouTube


Capture settings: M2TS settings, HDMI input, PROFILE: I've been using 480 (default) would HD 720 affect this green bar?


Editing/Render Settings: 16:9


Output settings: Purpose - AVC (H.264), Video File Quality - AVCHD 1280x720/24p


The green bar also just started. My first 3-4 months of video editing, using the exact same render settings I had no green bar. Also, my brother edits videos on his laptop (same settings) and uploads and he has NO green bar.


The green bar is only seen on YOUTUBE when I edit and upload from my desktop.




Video from last week w/ Green Bar:




Video from 5 months ago (No green bar, same settings)





If anyone has had this problem and has come up with a solution itd be great help. I have removed and reinstalled both roxio and video wave and still have the same result.

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(Same poster as original, just forgot my log-in so I made a new account)


I just discovered that the green bar is apparant when im playing it back on my computer. When using VLC media player there is no green bar, but in other video players that annoying green bar is there across the bottom.


In regards to the two links you provided me with, Ive tried them both and havent found a solution, still this unprofessional looking green bars in my videos.

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