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User Manual For Roxio Photosuite 5.0 Platinum

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I realize that this program is quite old, but it is still one of my favorites. I have used it since it was an MGI product. I also use 3 versions of Corel's PaintShopPro and various versions of Roxio. For some reason (don't ask me how) PhotoSuite 5 runs easily on my Windows 7 64bit. (Easy Media Creator 10 won't.) I love the simplicity of 5.0 Platinum and the way it handles emails and saving them for another time. Thus, I am trying to find a complete user guide for this software. Was there ever one published? I have the original disk but can find no starter's guide or user manual. Does anyone know if there is a manual? I have been looking all over the web for one, but I have had no luck. Even sites that show "user manual" end up not having one. I would really like to have a PDF version, but will settle for another format. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Garth

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