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Adding Chapters From Different Sonic My Dvd Projects (Slideshows)?



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Anyone discovered a way to add a slideshow chapter from one project to another one?

I know Roxio says it can't be done. Thanks


You gave us limited information but here is a guess. I'm assuming that you are using MyDVD rather than the better Video Wave. See if your version will output to a video file for use in Video Wave. My DVD is very limited.


Using video wave, put the first video file on the timeline. Split that chapter at both ends. Select that section and select to copy it (CTRL-C). Close that show and open the one you are working on. Select the end of what you already have and use CTRL-V to paste. Switch to story board (or line) view and move it to where you want it. Is that enough information?


If you want more or even images, give us more information and tell us what you don't understand.

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