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What Files Do I Use To Burn A Blu-Ray Folder In Toast 11



I created a Blu-ray Folder in Encore CS5. I would create an iSO and be done with it but I'm getting a error 25, so I'm doing the folder option. The file size according to Encore is around 26gb but when it created the folder in Encore the file size doubled. My question is do I put all of these contents you see in the attached photo into the BDMV option/section of Toast? If I do then I have over 50 gigs which then won't fit. I tried burning just the BDMV file but it just burned it as a date file and not a BR disc.


I don't want to waste another 50gb disc so I want to make sure I'm doing this right this time.




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Unfortunately I don't know. When Toast creates a Blu-ray video there is a BDMV file and a CERTIFICATE folder that has an empty BACKUP folder. In other words, only the first two items in the window you posted.


Since your Blu-ray format was already authored in Encore choose DVD-Rom (UDF) as the format in the Toast Data window, click New Disc, add the BDMV and CERTIFICATE content, select the size BD-R disc you're using and either burn the disc or choose Save as Disc Image.


If you choose Save as Disc Image you can control-click on the .toast file and choose Mount It from the contextual menu to mount the disc image. You then can open the Roxio Video Player from the Toast Extras menu and it should find and start playing the first title on the disc image. It won't show a working menu but the menu does appear as the last title on the disc (there's an icon in the player for selecting titles).


My guess is the other files and folders were created during the authoring process but are not required for the final Blu-ray video. Unfortunately I don't really know that.

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