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Buring A Blu-Ray From Encore To Toast 11 Pro





This is a complete newb question, but I've been using Encore to burn most of my DVDs for a while. I just purchased a Pinoneer External Blu-Ray Burner and can't wait to burn some HD content, but I have a odd workflow problem.


I usally make my menus and connections in Encore CS6 and I've heard you could just create a Image folder or ISO from Encore then burn using Roxio Toast. I've been trying this and the Blu-Ray doesn't seem to burn correctly.


Is there a standard way to do this? How can I get my menus and buttons to transfer over to toast or will they? Has anyone had success using Encore and Toast together?


Thanks again in advance. :)

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I don't have Encore but if it can author a Blu-ray video disc image then Toast should burn that okay using the Image File setting in the Toast Copy window. When you say it didn't burn correctly, what was wrong?

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