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Make Dvd Using Toast 11 Not Good Quality



hi everyone how r u?

My question is i bought Toast 11 for my new mac since they don't have Idvd so i thought is worth spending some money to get good software to creat DVD and i pay 79.99 but when i made DVD and i play it on my DVD player and i was shocked after watching it ...the pic quality terrible ...i don't know what going on ...i was so upset trying to figure out how i can make DVD with good quality pic ???


i really need help pls

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thanks sir ....ok i have file that H.264 and 1920x1080 Fps and audio MPEG-4 Stereo 44100 Hz...i was try to make DVD and it's not clear at all... pls help me what to do ....?

First I'll state some things you may already know. If you are viewing the burned DVD on a computer, view it at actual (or normal) size. If you are viewing it at full screen that zooms the picture in size and makes it look worse. If viewing on a HDTV the same is true.


Because video DVDs are standard definition (SD) it may help to convert your HD source video to SD before adding it to Toast. This is done by choosing Video Files as the Format in the Toast Convert window and adding your source video. Click the Convert button. In the window that appears choose Digital Video (DV) as the device and choose 16:9 as the Quality. Save it to a location that's easy for you to find and has plenty of hard drive space. Click the Convert button in that window to start the conversion.


When that is done add the DV video to the Toast window with DVD video selected as the format in the Video window and proceed with getting the menu the way you want. Then click the burn button. I'm presuming you've selected Best Quality.

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