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Quality Horrible, But I May Know Why, Comments Appreciated



hello, I have used many exports and they seem fuzzy and not clear hd quality like id like and on top of that the video seems darker on my tv and I believe darker in capture. I used component in/out, use old 360 comp. cords for slim and use spare comp. to tv, which I believe are cable box cords and could explain half of the darkness. So the xbox output seems laggy online or through card the higher it goes, which standard is 480. is this the component card tops and is why it is laggy or can the xbox/ card or both cannot handle it. also darkness problem which one could it be or could the card be the culprit all along? Also what seems to be the best output setting?


also for video bit does that set itself, not sure how to manage that for general videos. also upload speed low is it possible to get good quality live stream then?





One big thing not many people know is that Battlefield 3 is only 30 fps on the xbox and ps3, so would rendering in 60 fps make it fuzzy? My monitor will not support hdmi but I know it will vastly improve the quality. I am currently getting a highly hd monitor in the mail but please help with the dark problem currently with the component cables and th best quality relevant to my 30 fps game and others in general.


my current monitor is 42 inch 480 p/i tops not sure about lag input if that is relevant to lag with xbox's output.



here is bf3 video link

its been a while but I might of also edited this with some other program after export/and or didnt export and converted file format with maybe hand brake or youtube downloader.




Just came back to edit in something, I am uploading raw file when at another location using hdmi for a time, brightness from box might have been over from before but truly alot better quality, still wonder if a certain export would make it better tho etc. Here is link but it will be a while for the upload to finish.





((Please sub my channel if you want. I will post more things when this is figured out etc and have alot of previously unedited footage.))

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Quality is controlled by 2 things...


the OUTPUT of your device.


the OUTPUT YOU CHOOSE when you Export.


HDMI vs. Component output is equal!


However, your device, Xbox in this case,does not output them exactly the same in your case. The QUALITY is equal but differences in color, brightness and contrast are pretty much normal.


Fuzzy??? Then you have to check 3 settings:


The Output of your Xbox!

The Capture Setting of RGC Software!

The Output setting when you Export!


Light/Dark? Adjust your settings in RGC, but keep in mind you are adjusting them for what you see on your Computer Monitor and Capture and that may not be the same as your playback device ;)


The Lag is normal, just too much going on for the computer to keep up with...


As for Streaming? No idea, maybe someone else will venture an opinion or advice in that area.

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thanks for commenting :)

Oh wow, just looked at uploaded video to youtube and for the upload it lost so much quality vs seeing the raw file on windows media player.

(the big thing is my current monitor will only support 480 without missing some of the picture but when I switched output of xbox it seemed unbearable to play online.


I know capture card on computer screen should be lagging behind, that is normal, but the last time I made the xbox output go higher than 480- its default setting, online gameplay was too laggy to handle. Also I can export in whatever I want but the Quality of the video is all about the output of xbox so it will not go higher than 480, but will say it dose depending on export. Also before any capture card came in place my xbox component cables went straight into tv with fine color and no darkness but now, here I am and the video is alot better on hdmi raw than the component, if the video hasnt uploaded when you posted you should check it out.


thanks for the comment, the big thing I am curious is that the component cables form card to tv are spare around the house and most likely spare from cable box, which usually use darker cables to bring picture over (I remember from somewhere/experience) and was wondering if that were the case.


my laptop is and i5 2.5ghz sandy bridge with turbo up to 3.0. 4gb ram hitachi hdd. only integrated graphics.

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