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Win8, Iphone Video Loading Issue 80004005(Were Blocked)



Ok here we go. Win8 comp.(yes I'm sure) and now no issues except the iphone vid's. Had cd-rom issues at first but re-installed the Whole disc instead of just cd & dvd burning. Issue persisting is adding iphone5 videos in create DVD(mydvd). When I click add video and go to the folder they don't show up(empty square with a Q in them), can't preview and can't add them. Thought it could be quicktime at first but no. I clicked on properties of a few videos and noticed they were "blocked due to being from another cpu and they were blocked to protect this cpu. I unblocked a few and same issue. Says Add Movie operation failed 80004005. Since the cpu is weeks old and bought for this reason, the only media dump was from the phone. Thought I'd try the pics, no problems. So now I dumped my camera on here(Kodak that has .mov also) and no issues loading the videos. Tells me it's either the blocked issue or possibly a codec. Any suggestions??? Only reason I thought still a codec is because of the display they use and I did notice at quicktime they had one for "ProRes" saying that videos will be playable on mac or pc. I can play the videos though normally through WMP or Quicktime so it seems more of a Roxio issue with them or the fact that they're still blocked somehow. Lost. I did hear iphone videos are a little touchy. Thanks in advance.

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She'll be here with the phone tomorrow and I'll try dumping it again and seeing if it blocks them. Check before and see if I can make sure it's seeing this cpu as it's main one and tell her not to plug it into any other cpu. Any other suggestions I'll keep checking throughout today and thanks again in advance.

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From what I can tell V14 still has the same restrictions as previous versions.


That being that it does not allow HD or clips with AC3!


Translated, that means you will have to convert them to SD, Before you can add them.


I'll post links for some converters later.


Here are a few we have used:


AVS4YOU Converter:


Any Video Converter


Freemake Video Converter:




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well that sucks. sorry was gone for the weekend. suppose it's the iphone and a handful of cameras that use it because our Kodak is 1080p video but the sound isn't great. Well thanks for the help. Guessing there's other programs than Roxio that would be ok? Just thinking of her having to convert them when it's going to be hard enough to teach her how to run the burning program, lol. We shall see. Thanks again, you guys are great.

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