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Editing Video_Ts File Help




I'm trying to edit a video_ts file from an external drive and it's completely ignoring my 2 edits when I burn the disc. I'm trying to start my new dvd around 25 mins into the current one and end it a few seconds earlier then it current ends. When I burn the disc, the chapter markers seem to be there but it burns the new disc at the very start of the current file and ends around 1:04:00 in.


Please see screen shot! I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!!! PLEASE HELP.




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I get a different window than you. When wanting to reauthor a video DVD and I have a VIDEO_TS folder on the hard drive I do the following:


1) Place the VIDEO_TS folder on the Desktop or in the Movies folder.

2) Choose DVD video as the format in the Toast Video window.

3) Choose DVD in the Video tab of the Toast Media Browser.

4. Choose the title I want from the thumbnail area of the Media Browser and click the + button or drag it to the main Toast window.

5) After a delay a new window appears that lets me select start and end points. After marking those I click the Add button.

6. My title appears in the main Toast window and I prepare the menu before clicking the Burn button.

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