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Green Screen Rgb

Willard M


I have been trying to to fine tune my green screen movies. I created a green screen panel in Photoshop with a reading of 42-225-141. I then put it on my flat screen tv which I am using for my green background. I then position my wife or another in front of the tv and capture the image from the neck up which I then add to cartoon characters for use in my movies. There is some variation of the RGB readings when I do this. When I get them back to my program I find variations IE 95-254-187 and slight other green shading also. When I try to use the Chroma key to get rid of the green behind my wife generally the primary color will get rid of about 90%. By using the second key and manipulating the slide selections i can get rid of most of the other 10%. The only thing left is the green halo around my wife's head. The halo is apparently caused by the darkening of the green background by being intertwined in her hair. I have found that by using the 3rd Chroma key i can get rid of the halo but I also get rid of most of her hair. I recognize that there is no pure green color but is there some preferred shading either lighter or darker than what I am using. If so what would the RGB number be. Also any suggestions on getting rid of the green halo without removing most of her hair. What do others of you use for a green screen?


I have attached a frame from the video clip. Not a good pic of her as she was speaking at the time. She is much more beautiful than that based on my 60 years of marriage to her.

Thank you


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