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MyDVD 8 & .VRO files





Just upgradede from MyDVD 6 to MyDVD Premier 8, and find I can no longer open the .vro files created on my DVD recorder.

It does not show them in the "Select Media File" open box, only shows the VR_MANGR.IFO file that goes with it, try to open that and get message "No VIDEO_TS.IFO file was found. Please ensure the entire set of DVD files is present."


I also tried the "Capture/Import" option, but get "There are no devices available for this media type" when I select Video.


MyDVD 6 would simply open the file and allow me to edit the video.

How can I get these into MyDVD 8, or will I have to downgrade back to MyDVD 6?




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Hi Gary, thanks for your reply.


Just tried what you said (File > Edit DVD Disc) but I get the message:

"No editable disc was found. Please ensure a valid disc is inserted."


Looking in the MyDVD help it says "To edit a MyDVD project on a DVD disc" for that menu option.


These discs are direct from my DVD Recorder on my TV, and I want to add the video from it to my project.

I have some discs I recorded in VR mode when I first got the recorder (VR mode is the default).

I do use Video mode for recording now which I can load into MyDVD 8 fine.


In MyDVD 6 all I had to do was point it at the disc and it would load in the video from the VR disc.

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MyDVD 6 and previous versions have nothing much in common with MyDVD8 other than name. V8 is a rsult of the merger with Sonic and Roxio. MyDVD 8 is based on the previous Roxio product.


IF you are using the video disc mode, then you need to use Media Import to transfer the video to the hard drive.


Insert the DVD into the comptuer drive

Launch Media Import

Click on the Video tab

Select the drive and you should then be able to select the entire video or any chapter

Set the filename and folder

Then click Capture Now

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