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How To Keep The File Creation Date/time In Burning Cd

bernie J


Hello, I have Roxio Creator Business v10, and I am trying to burn CD to save jpeg files. I try to keep the original file creation date/time but when the CD is burnt, the date/time tag on the CD files are the date/time of CD burn/creation date/time. When the Creator Business v10 is open, ->Data Disk->Option->Data and Backup->Advanced->File Date and Time, and selected "Original date and time". This selection gives the CD creation date/time on each files in the CD instead of file creation date/time. Also tried "Mastered date and time" in the same tab but no diff - date/time is still in the CD creation date/time. My question is "how to keep the original file creation date/time in the CD?". Pls help. Bernie J.

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Hmm... good question, and I don't know too many people with the "Business" version. One possibility that comes to mind, though it adds an extra step, is to zip your files together. I suspect that when they're unzipped to be referenced, you'll see the original date/time. The nice thing is that all newer versions of Windows pretty much support opening .ZIP files as folders, so they're easy to open and view and copy from.


I realize that doesn't do "exactly" what you want, but sometimes a good workaround is almost as good.

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My question is "how to keep the original file creation date/time in the CD?".


Hello Bernie,


I just installed EMC 10 Suite and tried it to see if there was some sort of quirk in the program, but it seemed to do exactly what you wanted with "Original date and time" selected.


Here's the photos on the hard drive:





And here they are burned on the CD with the data disc creator: - that's what you want isn't it? The EXIF data is still there, too.





Your Creator 10 Business version is an el-cheapo cut-down subset of EMC 10 so it should do the same unless it has broken, or unless they specially cut that ability out [which I doubt].




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