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Record Audio



i just bought a gamecap hd pro to record games, but right now i just need to record some audio off of rca. i figured the easiest way to do this would be through audacity, but when i pull up the "recording devices" window in windows the gamecap is not listed, even as disabled. the box seemed to imply that you could record just audio, but the program provided with it doesnt seem to let me do that either. how do i get this done? i tried googling this but all i could find were people trying to record xbox headsets, not rca

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It can be done... But it sure would be a left handed approach to get there :lol:


You would have to supply a video input, HDMI or Component to keep the RGC Device happy so it will record AND add your RCA White & Red to the RGC Input.


It will work easier if you can mute any audio from the Video source, if you are using HDMI ;)


After you record, take the file into the VideoWave Editor, right click it and choose Extract Audio.




It will create a Wave file (only choice) where you designate.


You can also trim the captured file to eliminate any extra off the ends.

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