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Id Number Has Been Used Too Many Times - Split From Solved, Hijacked Thread



I too have bumped up against the mysterious maximum number of installs wall. When I try to install the Creator NXT Pro Program from a CD I get the message "You have used the Product Key too many times". The install program goes out to the Corel servers to check if I have a valid key and if I have not exceeded some secret number of installs. By the way, the counter is NOT decremented when the product is UNINSTALLED, or if you decide to delete the operating system partition it is currently installed on.


I have tried calling Corel/Roxio several times but they have no idea about what is going on and the information they provide is USELESS and conflicting. You have heard about the left hand not knmowing what the right hand is doing. At this pinot in the Roxio/Corel merger, I'd say the pinky doesn't know what the thumb is up to.


I have to get my install counter reset by technical support, but there is no way to get to technical support without a support code. Unfortunately, I registered the product before support codes came into existence so I don't have one. The new system won't let me re-register the product. I have to pay $25 to buy a support code for a product I already paid $80 for! Is this the new reality? I have never run into this before and I have been using Roxio products since I got hooked on EMC 6 in the late 90's.


The interesting thing is that when you uninstall the product, the install counter is NOT decremented. I wanted to go from Windows 7 to Windows 8...too bad, you have exceeded the arbitrary number of installs. Please pay $25 or you can use the Program CD as a coaster. What a wonderful way to run a company. Now I don't have the product on either my Win 7 partition, or the Win 8 partition. BUYER BEWARE.


The install program checks the install counter after the key is typed in. You must be connected to the internet (so I can check the counter) or the install program will stop.


Has anyone found a way of reaching technical support without a support code so I can get the stupid counter reset? Using Option #2 with the technical support phone number posted on the Corel web site got me into an infinite phone mail loop.


Thanks for any help you can provide.






Corel Tech Support contacted me a few minutes after I posted the above. Within a VERY SHORT TIME they reset the install counter for me and I am back in business. They were professional in their communications and knew what they were doing. Nice job, Corel!

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