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Won't Recognize Blueray Drive - Split




I have Creator 2011 Plus. My laptop came factory installed with a Bluray player/burner. I can burn CD's and DVD's but the software indicates any blank Bluray disk I put in the drive as "non-writable". I downloaded the Creator 2011 update for Bluray drives, but the result was a message indicating I already have the most current update. I can't find any help on the Roxio or Corel websites. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem?


Thank you!


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Have you EVER burned a BD disc in that drive?


To my knowledge, the Plus Version did not have the BD Plug-in so the SP1 you downloaded will not work...


Quick way you can check... under Data open Burn Data Disc - Advanced (Creator Classic).


Add a file to it, any file.


Insert a blank BD-R or RE (whatever you have)


Click Burn THEN set the Burn Option to Test Only!!!




This will go thought all of the motions of writing to a BD Disc WITHOUT actually lighting up the burn Laser ;)


See what happens but keep in mind all versions 20xx version can write a Data BD which is not the same thing as a BD Movie :wacko:


Still if that works, I have a Plan B :lol:

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Digital Guru,


Thank you for the information regarding my product. I tried your suggestion, but do not have the option to select "Test Only". The only option on my software is "Write Only". "Test" & "Test then Write" do not appear when I select the dropdown under Burn options. I think I will have to purchase new software that will allow Bluray disc burning.


To answer your question, no, I have never burned a Bluray disc before. I purchased the laptop in 2009 and it came with a Bluray player/burner. My understanding at the time of purchase was that the drive would burn Bluray disks, but at the time, they were not readily available and I didn't need disks that big, so I never tried one. I forget the details, but I must have gotten new software, as I assume Roxio 2011 was not available at the time of purchase.


I have previously & can still burn CD's & DVD's, but now that file sizes are increasing, I wanted to start burning Bluray disks, to save space. From what I have found and your comments confirmed, it does not appear that the software will allow bluray disk burning. I will see if there is an add-on program that will allow Bluray disc burning, or just find some new software that will do the same.


Thank you for your assistance.



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You got some OEM blu ray software when you bought your computer. OEM software is free software "teaser" that allows you to do preform some tasks but not the entire full functionality of the program for sale. I bet you wil find it of you look for it. Look at the top of this page for a private message.


You can do your project with Creator and then burn it to a blu ray with that program. You could also create a project with Creator and then use free burning software to burn it to a disc (example : IMG Burn).


Also don't overlook the possibility of DL (double or dual layer) DVDs to put up to 2 hours of video on a dl disc.

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I still wonder if you actually have a BluRay Burner???


A lot of folks fell for the marking ploy of a BD READER and a DVD Burner, presented so that it appeared to be a BD Burner ;)


If you open your Device Manager and tell use the make and model, we can check that for you!

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