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Tivo Transfer 2.0 Frequent Pause, Slow Transfer Speed, Pinwheel

Doug Blair


For several years I have been using TiVo Transfer 2.x on my Mac Mini (Server) to archive my favorite shows. Over the past few months I have noticed that I get the busy cursor (rainbow pinwheel) more and more frequently. It seems to happen after every click of a new show in the app, or after I click the transfer button, and the wheel spins about about 30-40 seconds before I can click something else. The overall transfer speed also appears to be declining, with the TiVo Transfer app now taking as long as 2 hours to transfer a 30 minute show (a 600 meg file). This used to take less time to transfer than to watch. If I watch network traffic there are a few seconds of normal looking activity, then about a half minute of next to nothing, then another spike.


What I THINK is going on is that every time I click or scroll the app re-evaluates the list of previously transferred shows, which has been steadily growing and now has a couple thousand episodes stored in archive space. I don't think any of the other parameters have changed - same hardware, same version of transfer (which hasn't been updated significantly even if Toast has been), same TiVo, same network.


Has anyone else run into this issue?


Is there a way I can trim the list of previously recorded shows, or allocate more memory to the process so that it doesn't do this garbage collection as often?





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