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Avery Template Problems



Regarding Roxio Creator NXT Pro - Using the 'Create Labels Advanced' Task icon


I have created a CD/DVD Jewel Case Insert by checking the format boxes 'front' and 'back'.


When printing, I select Media = 'Commercial Paper' and then Paper Type 'Avery 8931 Insert'.


With these selections, the Print Preview window shows positioning of each image in it's correct placement.


HOWEVER . . . when I actually print, the Front image, it does not map to the Avery form. It is not a minor misalignment. It is positioned to the far left and does not even come close to the Avery form layout. . . . . even though it shows a correct position in the Print Preview window.


I have tried to print on 3 different HP printers, 8100 photo, 8400 photo, and Laser. Same result on all printers.


It also requires that I run the Avery form through the printer twice. 1 time to print the front image, and a second time to print the back image. This is unlike other software applications where both front and back images are printed in the same pass. By the way, the back image (with the right & left spines) prints in it's correct position.


Does any one have a clue on what is wrong or where I might be able to find a fix? . . . . or get Template updates?


Thanks !

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I dabbled a bit and confirmed about having to print the front and back separately. It seems that there may be an error because the program does call for 2 separate sheets ; not a sheet with two sections. I don't have that template so I can't tell anything about location of the printed image. I tried a slimline insert and that was not much better.


The labeler in Roxio takes the input from your printer to try to come close to what the template requires. There may be (slight possibioity) that your printer is sending the wrong information.


I looked at the printer software that I use and it does show both labels on one sheet. (BYW, it does autofill from disc if that is what you are worried about).


Have you tried the printer software that came with your printer? My Epson program works well. Those are usually better because they don't try to be everything to everyone.

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First, your question about 'one at a time'. That is Normal and the way it was intended. It will print either the upper or the lower but never both!


If you have a batch, print 1/2 of them, turn the paper around and print the other half.


I am confused now... You talk about "Jewel Cases, front and back" but the Avery 8931 label is for a CD:


When I print it on mine, (blank sheet) it appears it would come out correctly if I had used that form:




Update: Ah it is called an 8931 U-Card...


Result seems fine there as well.


You might want to check your JWP file to make sure it is intact ~ Program Files (x86)\Roxio Creator NXT\Label Creator\Pagefiles\Avery8931U-Card.jwp


Should look like this:


[Page Description]

/* Internationalize everything after name = (that line only)*/

Name = stringRef:Avery8931Insert;stringRef:Avery6691Insert

Paper Height = 28

Paper Width = 21.59

Number of Views = 1

[View Info 1]

View Type = Insert

[Left Side 1]

Offset = 4.6 14.35

Size = 0 0

[Right Side 1]

; Right margin, Top margin

Offset = 4.7 14.35

Size = 12.1 12.1

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