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Memorex Cd-R Can't Be Finalized?



I copied an audio disk on to a Memorex CD-R. It plays back on the PC and in my car but my Marantz CD player displays an error msg that reads "disk not finalized" When I try to use the simple "Finalize Disk" Roxio doesn't recognize the very disk it just created. What is the issue? I'm using Roxio easy cd and dvd burning software. Exact same process used on Verbatim CD-R... No problem what gives?

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When you copy an audio CD it is automatically finalized. "Finalize Disk" won't work because there is no unfinalized disk for the software to recognize.


Most of the long-timers here consider Verbatim to be good media, and Memorex to be rubbish quality. I think you've just shown that's a good opinion.


Stick with good quality media.




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