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Automix - Split From Another Topic



I know this is an old discussion, but thought I would try my question(s) here in case someone is still monitoring.

Does anyone know what was the last version of Roxio Creator to have the Automix Feature?

I have Roxio Creator 2012 Plus and know it is not on that. I had Creator Pro 2011 and don't remember it on that, but I think I had it on Creator 2009. I never used it, but I was reading an old review about it and it sounds kind of cool.


Is the Automix Feature a worth while feature? Would it be worth buying an older version of Roxio Creator and install on my other computer? Is there a "Plug-in" I can purchase to add to my Roxio Creator 2012 Plus?


Thanks in advance!

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I can't answer your question. Did you look at "Beat Match" to adjust your play list in the order of the beats per second? From the help files:


"Beatmatching automatically adjusts the tempo and synchronizes the beats between tracks to create professional sounding audio CDs. You can create high-energy transitions between tracks and export your entire track list to an audio CD, or as a single file to your portable device."


As for automix: I am not sure how many people would want the program to decide what they should listen to on a CD. I can see the order to build the beats.

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