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Photoshow Question-Split From Totally Unrelated Topic

Golden Clair


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I don't know the answer....but have a realted question: I have Premium Roxio PhotoShow subscription and want to get the 14 short albums which are on-line and "public" recorded to a DVD....can't figure out who to pay someone to do this for a computer-idiot (me).


Welcome, there are no computer idiots; just computer newbies ! ;) The following will allow you to gain some experience and perhaps keep some money in your wallet (or purse).


Since you have the premium membership ahd you have a PC, the desktop version of PhotoShow 6 can be downloaded and installed on your computer (unless you have a MAC). If you do,skip to the last paragraph.


Once you have downloaded and installed the program (with your antivirus OFF), you can sign in to your account and download those PhotoShows to your computer. It will be pretty quick depending on your internet speed. Once you have done, in the "share" part of the program, you have two applicable choices. 1) You can burn each of the PhotoShows to a DVD separately. This choice assumes that you have a DVD burner on your computer and that you don't want to make a lot of copies. Blank DVD discs are going to be a lot cheaper than hiring someone. 2) The other option is to convert the videos to either wmv or mpg2 files. Form those files you have several choices depending on your TV. Some TV will play the wmv files from a thumbdrive (USB drive) or from wmv files burned onto a non video type disc. Older DVD players will only play video discs.


Since you said you wanted them on a DVD. I assume that you want to give the DVDs to someone. If you have a lot of people you want to share with, there are some programs that will make a video disc with all the PhotoShows on it as long as the total time does not exceed one hour.. You have to decide if you want to spend the money for a program. Here is the one Roxio/Corel has. If you want to do a lot more in the future, then the program would not be a bad choice.


If you have a MAC, you can see if you can get the on-line version to download the PhotoShows to your MAC as mp4 files. This doesn't work for PC users; that part of the program is broken.


I know this does not answer all your questions but I hope that I showed you that you do not have to hire someone to burn the discs. Even if you have to buy a program, it will be cheaper. Don't you have a friend or relative to help. It would be a fun learning experience ! :D


If you want more information, I would be happy to provide it to you (with pictures). Let me know what way you want to proceed once you have time to digest the above.


Good luck.

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