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Video Having Major Issues When Recording



During capture I get these lines that are mix of purple and black and video is choppy and audio repeats itself.


I have the specs to use HD Pro capture card ( HP Envy h8 1511eo , check pc specs for that, couldn't copy paste from my system, all in Finnish )


So deskopt, no trouble it getting overheated.


Oh right, first trouble I noticed that on capture table, it takes the orders late. ( like when I press on menus on Xbox360 to go up or down it takes 2 seconds before it records the command on the capture screen )


The first capture card works on this pc perfectly but this one does not.


I have tried updating all my drivers, installing the capture card twice and updating it aswel. No difference.


Anything I can do to fix this?

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Roxio Game Capture HD Pro doesn't work correctly on HDMI nor component. I have pc drivers and Roxio device updated completely.


When HDMI is connected the capture gets there pixeladed lines and audio is not correct either, repeats itself or just missplaced. Also before even capturing, the commands like moving up and down on menus has a huge delay. Around 2 to 3 seconds.


When trying to use component, no signal on red and it tries to go back on HDMI then back to component. Same route goes on and on.


My PC ( deskopt ) meets the requiments easily. HP Envy h8-1511eo.




Prosessor: Intel (R( Core™ i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz


Graphics: NVidia GeForce GTX 660

Windows 8, 64 bit.


So what am I doing wrong here? I have even tried to re-instal the software couple of times, tried without and with updates for Roxio. Nothing fixes this. ( using Xbox 30 )


I am really dissapointed to this device, and demand fix to it or my moneys back...


Because box didn't say, this might be full of bugs and never work with any setup.

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You will need to try it with a completly different source such as a DVD or BD Player...


LAG is Normal! You cannot expect to Play it on your PC unless you have a second monitor to use as the 'Play' screen ;)


It is possible (not too likely) that the box is defective. In that case you need to see about exchanging it.

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I will see how this works with DVD player and dont think this lag is intented though.


My Xbox is little bit old but never had issues with the first capture card from Roxio, standart one so not sure why would it have problems with HD one?

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Most users report a lag between 1 to 2 seconds with some who claim a 10 sec lag <_<


This pic shows it to some extent. Note in the Right Monitor (Playback) I have zoomed the plane on the left so that there are almost no trees showing left of its' tail...

(ignore the text ~ this is something I intend to revisit ;) )



but in the Capture screen the zooming has not started!

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Well okay, that is okay then. But the pixelated lines that appears randomly during record shows in the end.


This is what I really need to be fixed to make videos. I found a few posts here on forums with similiar problems. I really hope this gets fixed and soon.

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Problem solved. Found a video on YouTube that got the purple pixel lines dissapear, still hoping I could use the Roxio screen to look what I am actually recording, since they gave the option for fullscreen, hoped that with earlier version.


Oh well. Now I don't have to bang my head on the wall, but I do need bag of ice... haha.


However, if I skip on the video on edit table / using raw file on variety of media players. It turns into very odd pixelated picture, it returns to normal if you let it move 0,01 frames forward. But this might be bit difficult with editing.

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Like to see that YouTube... Do you have the link???


The lag of the Capture Screen within the software is not "fixable"... Even users with some very impressive PC specs still have it :(


I do not understand your last paragraph? In the VideoWave Editor you can move by a single frame.

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Yeah link to the video that fixed it. A few things was needed to change on options and it began to work correctly.


And yeah, you have the little 'slider' thing. Press it and you can press arrow keys to move 0,01 frames per press.

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