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Creator Starter Edition. What About Mp3 Format?


My friend has purchased music from a local artist who sent me zip files. After extracting them, we end up with mp3 files. The Roxio Creator Business V10 audio section says that .mp3 is an illegal format to copy onto a CD.


Is there anyway I can fix this by configuring the Roxio software? Or must I go back to the artist to ask for a different audio format? (My friend is a Luddite and needs a playable CD).


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Perhaps both of you need a little more in the way of education. You cannot put mp files on an audio cd and expect it to play.. The audio must be a cd friendly file such as a wav file. You can of course make a data cd with the mp3 files but they don't play on a standard CD player. It must be an mp3 player.


I don't know about the business version you have but most of the commercial software has a way to convert mp3 to wav.


The above is dependent in the local artist not having copyright protection and give you permission to copy the unzipped files.

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If you need an "Audio CD" AND your software has that as a choice, the file type is not relavant...


The Audio CD Program will accept most formats for INPUT and will Author a proper Audio CD ;)


As Steve mentioned, we don't know what is in the "Business Suite".


But typically you are looking for something kind of like this:


(from Dell OEM)




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