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Video Export Issue, Need Help Asap



I need help today, let me explain real quick. I have a competition to go to next week, we're leaving early Sunday morning. Tomorrow is the final day I can actually really work on this music for the competition. No, I haven't procrastinated, as I have the editing completely done in Roxio Videowave. Thing is, I'm now trying to export the video (that contains the music) so that I can use next week. I have cut and edited the music (2 songs to be exact) with some fade-ins and fade-outs. Video exporting works fine and everything, but what the issue is, is that everytime I export it, no matter what I do, it messes up the audio. For some reason it will not retain the fade ins and fade outs so it ends up randomly sounding like a drop in volume and then jumps right back up. Listening to the original file, it sounds perfectly fine. I've tried exporting it in different formats, normalizing the audio, not normalizing the audio, creating my own custom format, etc, but they all end up the same way. Someone please help me figure out how to export the video without losing the fade-ins and fade-outs so it sounds good. If I can't get this to work, then I will be forced to drop out of the competition and this a national competition that I participate in every year. Thank you in advance for your help!

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Have you tried playing that video with several different players and devices? Do they all sound the same? Once possibility is how you are adding the fade it/out. Are you doing it automatically or by manually putting in the "dots" to do the fade in/out.

. Is this what you are trying to do.? Are you burning to a disc or just to a file so that you can put it on a thumbdrive or similar?


You said that you are exporting the project. What is your intent to do with the exported files? Are you burning to a disc or just to a file so that you can put it on a thumbdrive or similar?


What is the source of the video and what format? Is the music part of the native audio of the video clip?


Have you updated the drivers for your audio card? Please give us information on your computer. Do this(link)


What music competition (just for my interest)?

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