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Need Lots Of Help



Hello I've noticed other threads with similar issues but I still can not figure out what is going on. I just bought a Roxio HD Pro capture card and it was working for the first hour or two then I turned it off for a while. When I tried to do everything again I got the similar black/purple screen people have gotten on the laptop when not recording but then while recording would show gameplay. I looked for a way to fix this for a little bit but found nothing and decided "what ever it's no big deal". Then after watching over the gameplay and seeing it glitch up every 15 sec or so (nothing major but still not good and something I don't want if everything gets fixed) I started to kind of multitask and by recording to see if it would fix itself and looking up ways I could fix it on my own. Eventually the black/purple screen would stay on while recording, still not a big deal I thought, so to try and get rid of the glitches I turned down the but rate a little bit and took an hour break because I was starting to get overwhelmed. Next time I try to record everything goes to hell, purple screen when I would stop recording it would say Roxio is not responding and it would not come back so I have no way of saving any of my clips. I've tried repairing, uninstalling and I'm starting to give up. I've only had this thing for about 26 hours now and I'm about to return it if nothing can be figured out. I have a brand new laptop (Toshiba Satellite S55-A5295, i7 Quad Core 12GB RAM 1TB Hard Drive) so I don't think that's the problem. I could use some real help and be much appreciated, I'm not that big of a technology person so please if you can either talk me through it or explain it as simply as you can it would be great. -Thank you

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I can't find any info on what graphics chip is in the Toshiba...


It almost seems like an overheating issue...


First thing is to make sure you are not overclocking or using anything to "increase performance" -_-


This goes for both your CPU and your GPU ;)


Make sure the lap is on a hard surface and using your AC Adapter.


Other avenues to explore???


Do you have or have access to a regular Desktop to try it on?


Have you hooked it up to a DVD or BD Player just to see how it performs with a known good input signal?

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