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Blank Spots In Videowave Dvd



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used videowave to create a slideshow with background music. when I used dvd express there are blank spot for some of the pictures. more blank spots the longer the video was running.


Do not use dvdExpress for your slideshows but use myDVD.


How long in time is your slideshow?

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The slideshow is about 53 minutes. The video and audio vary by about 6 or 7 seconds. I even tried matching video and audio length to production.


I think I misread your initial post.


Are you talking about "blank spots" in the audio or "blank spots" in the video?

What does "video and audio vary by about 6 or 7 seconds" mean?


Perhaps you should describe exactly what you are doing and what is happening.

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By blank spots, I mean missing pictures. The audio runs fine, even when the blank spot appear. Also, I used the "fit audio and video" on the file menu thinking the audio length and video length difference was causing the problem.


I hope you are using RW DVDs for burning until you get your problem sorted out.


Are you using transitions in your project?

Some things to try:

-"burn" to an image file or folder set and see if those play correctly with a software player such as VLC.

-change the render setting under Tools/option

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There are several possibilities.

1) Update thew drivers for your video card/chip

2) Resize the images so that they have less quality (smaller). If you are making a standard DVD, you won't notice the differenve in the final product. Are any of your pictures much larger than about 3-4 mb?

3) Make sure you have nothing else running during the encoding(rendering).

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What are your system specs? Did you try changing the rendering setting?


Yes, what are they?


Identifying Your Computer Specs here, http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/81985-identifying-your-computer-specs-and-computer-drivers-windows/


Posting the zipped text file same as attaching a .jpg file here, http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/74120-posting-a-picturescreen-cap-on-roxio/

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