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Mac Spec Comparison For Use With Toast 10



Hi there,


I work for a business that uses Toast 10 very heavily on a daily basis. At the moment we use the following machine:


Apple 21" iMac

Processor 3.06GHz Intel Core i3

Memory 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3

ATI Radeon HD 4670 256MB

OS X Mountain Lion


My question is whether there would be significantly reduced processing time burning data to discs using Toast 10 if we upgraded to the soon to be released Mac pro desktop (I'm assuming I won't be allowed to post the link so I've summarised a few points below).


It's a little difficult to give exact stats to compare to, as the machine hasn't been released yet, but the promo is suggesting some of the following:

- New gen xeon processors (12 core)

- up to 60gb memory bandwidth

- up to 40gb pci express bandwidth


Basically, I'm just wondering if there is a point at which upgrading the hardware will no longer bring much benefit to the performance of Toast as I have no doubt this new Mac will cost a fortune. The investment will be worth it though if it means that Toast will perform significantly faster. Thank you in advance for your advice.

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You don't say what it is you want Toast to do faster. Obviously any processor-intensive actions will be faster with a more powerful processor. If you want to convert to h.264 video faster then getting Toast 11 makes sense because it has a feature Roxio calls Videoboost. You might want to look at Roxio's "Why Upgrade" comparison chart to see what was added and improved with Toast 11. For example, you can burn a project to multiple disc drives with Toast 11. There is one thing Toast 11 does slower. The actual disc-burning time is slower than with Toast 10. Otherwise it is a better choice for your new Mac. Disc Images created with Toast 10 and 11 can be burned by either version so you probably don't need to upgrade all your copies of Toast 10.

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Thanks a lot for your help Tsantee.


I did mention above that we use it for burning data to discs (video format) but may not have been very specific.


It sounds like sticking with Toast 10 is better in our case.

What confused me is your referring to processing time in burning data to discs. There is no processing time when using the data mode. There only is disc-burning time. The speed of disc burning is dependent on the optical drive's firmware and how it matches up with the manufacturing code of the media being used. If you are planning to burn discs with the drive that Apple builds into the new Mac you may find it faster to connect an external drive or install a different internal drive, as Apple buys very inexpensive drives for its computers. You also may want to ask specialists at a site like Meritline about which media burn with greatest speed and reliability for your particular optical drive.

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