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How To Save A Project. Help Please.


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I just purchased this software. Don't know what version. Can't find that anywhere.


It copies and burns DVD video just fine. The problem is, how to SAVE the "project" or whatever you call it.


The "save" and "save as" function is ALWAYS greyed out.


I am trying to make multiple copies of the same video. I would like to be able to do this at different times, that is, exit the program and come back another day to burn another copy of the same disc.


Each time, I have to insert the original disc and recopy it, because the "project" (whatever that is) cannot be saved.


Here are the steps:


insert DVD video

copy it

insert blank disc

burn video data to that blank disc


At what point in the process can one SAVE the image that's been copied?


As I said, the "save" and "save as" function is always greyed out


I have downloaded the "saving a burn data disc project as a disc image file" . It's incomprehensible. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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If you can tell me what software you have I can build you a walkthrough to show you what to do, but we do need to know what the software is. Both name and version number.


You should have the name in front of you, since you've just bought it and you're running it. What's the full name, please?


When you're running it there should be a toolbar visible showing "File" on one end and "Help" on the other. Clicking on Help should give you an option "About this software". Clicking that option should show you the version and build numbers. What's the version number, please?




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