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For People W/black And Purple Preview



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yeah sorry it was late when i type this so let me explain.


1. Go to control panel and select Device mangers


2. After that look for the Display adapters and you should see Intel HD Graphics. (I dont know what the amd would be)


3, Right click and click disable and your screen should come in


But if you want to render out a video you must enable it


Pc specs:



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That only works if you don't have a Graphics Card but are using an embedded chip on your motherboard for graphics, and an Intel Chip at that ;)


Or is some cases the Chip came with the PC and was not disabled when it was replaced with a Graphics Card...


Thanks for the tip, it is something to keep in mind!


Weekend coming, get some rest :lol:

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Soooooooooooooooooo... I have an issue where i launch the capture app. and while its loading, the preview screen turns purple than the monitor goes into sleep mode at which point i have to hard restart my computer to use it... would this solution work for me?


I dont know all the specs (just got an old computer from work and added parts)

Acer Aspire running Vista

4 GB Ram

Nvidia GTX 650 (originally had 9200)


i may be an idiot because i have the graphics card rigged to a separate power supply but it has worked the past 2-3 months up until now...

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