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Capture Pc Screen With Audio But Can't Hear Audio Myself



I know there is a separate pc capture card from Roxio but I have the Roxio HD Pro as I mainly use for Xbox capture. I did however start to try capturing PC gameplay on my laptop. The capture is fine however I cannot hear the real time audio myself.


I have my laptop hdmi into roxio then roxio connected to PC via usb cable.


I tried using the audio out phono's to headphones but stil not gameplay sound whilst I play, but it does capture it on the recording.


Can anyone advise if it is possible to keep my perfect recording setup but also allow me to hear the audio as I play.

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Do some searching around if you haven't already - I can't think of what would cause such an issue.

You haven't had this issue with the Xbox recording?

Does the PC that you're gaming on have a dedicated sound card? Or do you use the integrated sound on a dedicated graphics card? Or do you use integrated graphics and sound?


Does disconnecting the HDMI output from the Roxio and plugging it back in affect the sound? In the Roxio Capture software, does adjusting the sound (found at the bottom right of the preview window) make any difference in the sound?

If nothing works you may need to use optical output directly from your PC to give sound to your speakers or headphones rather than relying on the HDMI passthrough.


Sorry i can't be of more help

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Yes I have tried searching but most posts I find are about no audio at all. I get audio in the recording but not whilst I am playing.


The xbox recoding it absolutely fine, as it should be, sound in recording and live.


Tried playing with the settings in bottom right but nothing seems to work. I am using integrated sound.

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