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Roxio Sound Editor Build 201B23A Forum Support?



I have as part of Roxio VHS TO DVD software, the Roxio "SOUND EDITOR" software build 201B23A.


I have general questions regarding this software's audio settings. The problem is, I can not find any listing for sound editor in this forum board.


Can someone please point me in the right direction?


Many thanks in advance.



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Ask away but let us know which version of VHS to DVD you have.


This is what Roxio has in the way of tutorials; I don't know how many of the links are still valid. Also some of them may not relate to the product you have.


Improving audio quality with VideoWave's Audio Editor http://img.roxio.com...-videowave.html

Preserving music from LPs and tapes http://img.roxio.com...ving-music.html

Removing Pops, Click and Hiss from Analog Recordings http://img.roxio.com...ops-clicks.html

Create Beatmatched Music Mixes http://img.roxio.com.../beatmatch.html

Convert Audiobook CDs for iPod http://img.roxio.com...-audiobook.html

Create a DVD Music Disc http://img.roxio.com...music-disc.html

Capture Internet Audio with Easy Audio Capture http://img.roxio.com...rnet-audio.html

Extracting Audio from a Video File http://img.roxio.com...from-video.html

Extracting Audio from a DVD http://img.roxio.com...o-from-dvd.html

Edit & Mix Audio Tracks http://img.roxio.com...-mix-audio.html

Creating Ringtones http://img.roxio.com...e-ringtone.html

Converting multiple audio files to the format you need http://img.roxio.com...iple-audio.html



You may also try where I got this information from (LINK)

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Thanks for your reply.


I didn't realize my product fell under "Easy VHS to DVD" I looked again at my installation disc and it has the word "easy" in small lettering compared to the words "VHS to DVD"


As I stated ealier, I have Build 201B23A Enu.



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