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Glitchy-Ness While Recording



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Why is my recording going glitchy on certain games even though my computer can more than handle the software and i have tested it before with previous recordings and its fine any help would be appreciated.

I've used to have this problem before. I used to be able to record 1080p at 15mbps but recently doing so isn't a very wise move. Fortunately I was able to fix this problem by setting the bitrate a bit lower (I use 11mbps now) and it worked like it was previously. The fix may vary from computer to computer though.


- Make sure you're computer isn't overheating especially if you're using a laptop

- Close all other unused applications like web browsers

- Make sure your recording bitrate/quality isn't too high like at 15mbps which is at max quality

- Use Razer Game Booster and activate game mode (after you optimized it of course)


If you did what I said the glitches can be minimized if not totally be removed from future recordings.

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